29 November, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day One: Introductions and Hellos

I am...uh, give me a second...

Hah, despite my initial post, which began as a Facebook status on the same topic, I am currently having difficulty finding adequate words to describe myself. I mean, if we are the sum of our experiences, what does that say about me? Probably that I am a relatively easy mark. I've been mugged thrice in my life. The first time ended with a steak knife jutting out the back of my right knee as I hobble-ran away, eventually to a Starbucks where I found concerned looks (I hadn't noticed the knife until someone pointed it out to me. I had only thought I was a wuss due to the pain.) and liberally-applied napkins to dam the bleeding after working the serrated blade out.

The denim covering the back of my calf had turned from a cerulean to an almost-purple as blood soaked into it, staining the half-macabre/half-hilarious story into permanence. By the end of the experience, I used the very knife that had threatened my walking ability (let alone my life) to cut away the bloodied pant. I limped out of the Starbucks with a jury rigged bandage of paper towels and elastics protecting the weak underbelly of my knee from further harm.

The scar is all but gone now, but my leg still spasms whenever I look at the knife and its stained blade.

I don't know why that story was the one I chose to tell, but there it is. I'm not used to speaking about myself (more on that on Day Ten) and it all makes me a little uncomfortable, made even more so by the fact that I've never told anyone that half of it, but I can tell stories. I am enamored with telling stories, the act of creation. Crafting worlds with my bare hands, inventing scenarios (or, in this case, just re[p]laying them) to make those within earshot lean in when the drama gets thick, or when someone in the story says something witty or does something amazing.

The grammar bits of this blog may be slightly off at times, but that's okay. As glad to have you here as I am, I'm not doing this for you. I will try to remain consistent with my updates, but this is Therapy for me.

In any event, I'm sure there are more stories I could tell in this introductory post, especially since I haven't really introduced myself, but there will be more time for that later.

Welcome aboard, it's a pleasure to have you with us!

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