27 November, 2012

On courage.

Courage is hard to develop. Having the strength to stand up for something you want and try (I mean really try) your damnedest to get it takes a lot of fortitude, in and of itself. Not everything is going to go your way, but if you don't have the audacity to stand up for yourself, then why should anyone else do it for you? Now, getting to the point where you can feel comfortable standing up for yourself is going to take a lot of hard work and elbow grease, but the payout will be well worth it, for the more fears you face and overcome, the more your courage will grow.

'But Dy,' you may say, 'where do I start gaining courage? If it takes so much work, then why bother?' That is step number one: Prepare yourself for the work you need to do to become courageous. Come to terms with the fact that you will not just be handed courage. If you want an example, look no further than Gandhi. With no army at his beck and call, with no force of any kind, he almost single-handedly defeated the British Empire, winning the independence of hundreds of millions of Indians. And that was all with non-violent protest!

I'm not saying you'll have it as bad as he did, but think about where he must have started in order to be that courageous. Start small, in the little areas of your life. Stop lying. Don't cheat. If you're a man (or woman) of your word, then prove it. Show the world who you are. Open up to someone. Tell them a dirty secret. Own up to your past mistakes, and show that you're learning from them.

Read more often. You'll find that people with grand and amazing ideas have come before you, and although filling their shoes can seem pretty daunting, there is absolutely no reason why you can't. None. I dare you to challenge that idea. Challenge other long-held beliefs you have. Are they getting you to where you want to be in your life? Are they helping you achieve any of your goals? If not, then do something about them.

If you have an idea that you think merits sharing, then share it. However, be open-minded about it. No one else sees the world through your particular lens. If your idea merits sharing, it can most likely be improved upon, so do not be offended if someone offers improvement.

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