19 December, 2012

#wineparty (or: How I Developed a Hot Mom Writer Fetish)

I'm walking around the Maine Mall, thinking to myself. Mostly, I'm wondering how I get myself into certain situations. One after another, I cycle through the list of extraordinary circumstances that find their way to my door, and find myself dwelling on how they become a part of my story.

Then I find myself thinking about the odd little things in my life that make me happy, and how they came to be that way. Specifically, as I'm sure you can tell from the blog title, my Twitter peeps, who, with the exception of Freddy, are all HMWs.

I attended my first #wineparty while I was at work, as every other Friday, I do my 8p to 8a overnight job. I don't really remember it, but some of my jokes were instant hits. And, what makes it even weirder are the jokes I don't even think are all that funny. (They have since ranked higher in my 'What is funny?' list, but only because they have grown and evolved since their original conception.)

Time (albeit not very much, maybe two months) has passed, and the highlight of my week is talking to the Hot Mom Writer's Guild. Or #wineparty, as it's known on Twitter. All my life have I dreamed of making connections with people, and I truly feel that it's the purpose of my life, so when I get on Twitter and I start talking to the Bard, or Mary Beth or Jenn, it makes me light up like a Chinese New Year's festival.

The acceptance and camraderie I felt within my first conversation with all of them has left me floored. I feel hilarious and intelligent and it's something I feel I'm missing in my "real life," but I enjoy it all the more because they're more accessible than most of the people off Twitter.

Honestly, I'm just glad that the Hot Mom Writer's Guild has a place for me, be it superficial or not. I'm sure some feel more strongly than others, but I don't care, I'm very proud to call them friends.


  1. Aww. I'm proud to call you my fake Twitter boyfriend. #wineparty is a lot of fun, thanks to all of us crazies!

    Oh, I found out an amazing fact! I need to tell you, it's very important if you did not know already... The sky is blue.

  2. I feel the exact same way. Its everything instantly clicked with everybody. Also, I just have a fetish for moms... but because I love older women. Like much older.

  3. He thinks every married woman older than he is is hot.

  4. Aww, very sweet post! I'm happy to call everyone friend, too! :) #Wineparty is badass and now we talk to each other throughout the week as well, so I think the relationship is growing. What would I do without my werewhalewingwong ;)

  5. You will meet some amazing and wonderful people on Twitter! Welcome to the party!
    Tracy @ Momaical