02 April, 2013

Basiation (not what it sounds like [it's kissing])

I like to kiss. I mean, who doesn't, though? It's fun, and if you do it right, calorie-burning. The aspect I enjoy the most, however, is the expressiveness of the seemingly simple act.

Everything from a kiss on either cheek as a form of greeting to the awkward nervousness of a couple's first kiss to the unrestrained passion of newlyweds (and everything in between), the act of kissing speaks volumes. Also, despite whatever words you hear, the kiss never lies.

I think there was a song about that....

Anyway, kissing is one of my favorite things to do, the exploration of tongues and the heat generated by the friction of lips. The adoration and the intimacy. It doesn't matter if it's a stage kiss or done behind closed doors, as soon as those lips meet, there is an incredible amount of information exchanged. I find this form of nonverbal communication to be all kinds of exciting. It's enough to make me want to...uh...excuse me.

There! Satisfied. Where were we?

Right, kissing. One of my favorite kisses has to be the Gomez and Morticia, where you start at the hand, work your way up the arm, and end on the neck. The reverse GAM is good for overly dramatic partings, especially if done when the time apart is almost equal to the time spent performing the maneuver.

Another good kiss is anything that invokes the foot pop you see in movies. If there's ever a time I feel successful, it's when a kiss I give ends in the popping up of a foot. I know it's cheesy, but cheesy isn't truly a bad thing if it helps make the experience more enjoyable.

Long story short: kissing is good for you. It brightens your day, acts as a decent status report between you and the recipient, and it helps fight tooth decay.

Tomorrow: Why I write on my phone and not a computer!

1 comment:

  1. a kiss every day
    keeps the blues away
    lots of kisses are even better!
    I am enjoying your blog! Cheers!