04 April, 2013


If there is only one fictional person to whom I owe for helping mold my personality, it's the one man who has had eleven different personalities of his own: The Doctor. An enigmatic alien madman with a box-shaped time machine who's been everywhere (everywhen?) from the first moments of the universe to the end of all things.

He also has a tendency of picking up eye-candy to tag along with him, although they usually fulfill the role of damsel in distress. Not so much recently, but ever since the 90s, women have become much more powerful figures.

(I give credit to the Spice Girls for giving [predominantly English] women this new role.)

He has faced many harrowing foes, from a race of cyborgs intent on total universal homogeny, to a race of genetically engineered balls of hate intent on total universal extermination, to other races and individuals of varying degrees of urine-leaking fear.

And he's only died ten times in the face of such great foes! Statistically speaking, that averages out to less than one death per hundred years of life (he's 1103, if I recall correctly), which is impressive no matter how you look at it.

As a smoker, or even as just a human, I'll be lucky if I can make it to 75-80, let alone one-hundred.

His MO has always been relatively the same, in that he stole a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space-his time machine), and has been on the run from his people, Gallifreyans, ever since, although they have caught up with him time and again to put him on trial for meddling with technologically inferior species and screwing with history.

Actually, his second death wasn't due to standing up for what's right, but rather at the hands of his own people as 1/3 of his punishment for the aforementioned meddling. The other 2/3 were being banished on Earth, and having his memory of how to operate the TARDIS wiped clean.

As you can see, I could go on and on, for quite some time, about the show, but we're supposed to be keeping these A-to-Z blogs short, so I'll cap it there. Tomorrow, we'll take a look into my creative process!

(Side-note: Despite never having done fanfiction before [those Pokemon stories from eighth grade don't count], I've been asked to do some Doctor Who fanfiction after the challenge. We'll see how it goes.)


  1. are we talking Dr Who? I've never seen the show but my kids rave about it!

  2. As a lifelong Whovian, it's nice to see the "eye-candy" roles reversed and now the Doctor himself is the hottie (I'm specifically pointing to David Tennant here)!