06 April, 2013

Forgetfulness (and the art of being "meta")

I hope you'll forgive me for this late blog. I find that my reasoning for it's tardiness to be quite poetic. It originally wasn't supposed to be meta or ironic at all, but...I forgot.

My girlfriend came up from just outside of Boston for the night, and I was just so wrapped up (literally and figuratively) in all things her that writing just slipped my mind. She just left, about two and a half hours ago, and since then, I've been preparing for my video blog (like the last time I mentioned it, more on Day P, but I'll be throwing bits and pieces in intermittently throughout) interview later today.

Today's post isn't about her, so if you want more information, you'll have to wait for Day M.

We're talking about forgetfulness, and memory loss in general, on this beautiful, if a little chilly, Saturday afternoon. I am excruciatingly forgetful, but it makes me come off as more of an absent-minded professor than anything else.

I'll forget conversations immediately after they happen, names within ten seconds of introductions, directions moments after hearing them, anything. It's why I'm such a good secret-keeper. On the flip side, though, all it takes is a word or two to get me to remember. Well, usually, that is.

I don't remember how I met anyone I currently know, save for my girlfriend, but that's only because I keep getting asked how we met (Day M), and most of my childhood is gone.

Upon further reflection, so is a worringly-large portion of my adult life. This is why, back in '01, I started up my now-deleted livejournal, chronicling my misadventures through time and space. (Sometimes I confuse myself for the Doctor.) It wasn't for attention, and it wasn't (primarily) for the friends I made through it; it was just so that I could remember.

That's also why I was so eager to start up a blog again, to have written proof that yesterday existed. If we are truly made up of our past experiences, then who am I if I have no recollection of them?

Honestly, I blame it on all of the head trauma I've received over the years. Hockey pucks, the ground, door frames, baseball bats, and once, a lead pipe. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

So...this post kind of became more serious than I was intending. I suppose I'll just end it here, then.

Monday: I want it ALL!


  1. i love being meta. and forgetful. wait, what?

  2. oh dear- that would be hard for me to accept as I have a steel trap memory. Really have a hard time forgetting stuff that isn't really needed up in my memory bank- your journaling is a great idea! Have a wonderful day!

    1. If I had your memory, I don't know if I could handle it. Being able to remember everything? That sounds exciting and overwhelming, all at the same time. And thank you for the bevy of positivity!