09 April, 2013

Happy (another late post)

(This post is late because I fell asleep while writing it. Good morning!)

Sometimes I find myself occupied with thoughts that make me feel even more miserable than I already did before those thoughts arrived. Sometimes I find myself listless, and filled with ennui.

It is in this second category that I find myself in lately, and I'm having a difficult go at keeping positive. I just...meh.

So, whenever I feel myself sliding down into these horrible, horrible doldrums (and if I have the presence of mind to do so), I begin combatting these feelings with my happy list, a list of things that always make me happy. I will share it with you now.

-the feeling of a cat purring when sitting on your chest (as well as the sound)
-th crunching of shuffling through a pile of dead leaves
-a random, full-hearted laugh when I'm in public
-curling up next to a significant other, wrapped in my arms
-the sensation of warm air moving (out a vent, a summer breeze, etc) over my skin
-the rather sweet scent (and subsequent draining) of a cup of french vanilla coffee with five creams and five sugars
-whenever I drive either into or out of the shadow of a cloud
-being told that so far, my book sounds "really cool"
-a certain English time-travelling alien in a police box
-tapping out the drum beat and humming the melody to "Intro," by The XX
-seeing someone dressed in vivid colors

Thinking about any or all of these items has the same effect, albeit to a much lesser degree, as actually experiencing them. I'm sure there are other items I could put on the list, but I cannot think of them now, and the hour is late. (So is the post. Haw haw. --Ed.)

Since I do not work tonight, I would like to sleep at a somewhat normal time. Oh! Waking up from a dream, good or bad, is great! I love hearing stories, and a dream is like a free story, so if I can actually remember the dream, I am absolutely tickled, which is ironic as I'm not ticklish.

Anyway, next: Me, myself.


  1. lovely happy list! We all could make a list for ourselves! Happy Tuesday!

  2. We probably *should* all make happy lists, so we're armed in advance against gloom and doom. Very good idea.
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. I very much agree with this idea. As a depression-tolerater, I need to have as many tools as I can to help me deal with it. I've learned that I can't be reactive about it, either. I need to be proactive, to stop it before it starts.

      On another note, I think that it is, at least, a nice exercise to do, for thinking about things that make you happy? What could be so wrong about that? :)