13 April, 2013

Loquaciousness, Lying, and Language

I demand specificity. (Trust me, it all loops back around.) If you don't tell me exactly what you want to say, am I supposed to divine your meaning? How, then, should I proceed in doing so? I haven't the desire to sift through layers upon layers of meaning for the mere purpose of figuring out what you're trying to tell me. However long it takes, tell me what you're trying to say.

I have a hard time with the fact that people don't often see my thought processes, so I have spent a significant portion of my life explaining how I arrived at point L (insert sly wink here) from point A, bypassing the letters in between due to redundancy.

These facts, coupled with my frustration with the inadequacy of language, has led to me using as many words as I can to try and explain, literally exactly, what my position is on anything.

Having always been an upfront, honest person is a result of this behavior, for I have difficulty lying. I'm a chronic overthinker as it stands already, just with trying to connect with other people, so lying would be a detractor to that. Lying would take up even more time that could be better spent trying to establish a bond with someone else. It's counterproductive, if you ask me. Not to mention the hit on my karma it would inevitably produce.

In any event, as much as I believe that language is inadequate in describing one person's views on the human condition from one to another, it can be constructed in absolutely beautiful arrangements. I have been left in awe of some truly great wordsmiths in the past.

Being privy to such brilliant speakers is one of life's hidden pleasures, for me. The ability to touch people's hearts with nothing more than the aural version of childhood crayon drawings that is language is, in your humble narrator's opinion, one of the greatest uses of the human brain. A great, divine act.

And all of that is why I originally got into writing. To touch the hearts of others. Even if only one other person ever loves my words, it will be enough for me, for hopefully, that one person is moved to the point of inspiration to do something, to go out and touch maybe only one other person's heart, but then the chain will continue, from one person to the next.

So yeah, I talk a lot, which is why I don't Twitter as much as I probably should (link-thing in the right sidebar), but it's for a good cause, even if I can come off as intense every now and then. I think that makes it even more interesting, though, cutting through the crap and the walls to get directly to the heart of another.

Hm, I really do suck at endings, so now it's time for the sneak peek!

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  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Congratulations on this honor! Please visit my blog for all of the details.

    I hope the blog is specific enough for you. ;)

    1. Holy crap! I won an award! :D This is exciting! Thank you!