17 April, 2013


No man is an island. It takes a village to raise a child. Nothing is created in a vacuum. Ugh, I hate cliches more than anything else, but the problem is that they're cliches for a reason, aren't they? They're truths that are said over and over and over again. Before I go off onto a tangent about that, I'll put the kibosh on that subject.

Today, I'm talking about the others. Those who have helped me along. People who have had the decency and the grace to be amazing with (to) me. Without them, I wouldn't be here doing this and probably feeling unfulfilled. I don't know, that's probably speculation, but it's a nice thought, eh?

First on the list of people I'm celebrating is someone who goes by the pseudonym of Sleepy Bard. I've gone and hotlinked her blog, so you can check out her progress on the A to Z Challenge. The two of us go way back, WAY back, all the way to November. Or December. You'd have to ask her, I'm rubbish with remembering things.

Yeah, okay. Not that long, but I'll be damned if there wasn't a lot that happened in the time between then and now. An e-relationship that ended, causing an ENORMOUS fissure in the social circle, but we're working on it. It's a process, but I think that we're getting the hang of it. I'm hoping so, anyway. At first, I didn't really handle it all that well, but a cease-fire has been sounded, and the troops are going home. I truly hope that things will only improve from here.

The most (relevantly) important thing she did was tell me that she loved my writing and wanted to see me write more pieces. Without her saying that, I wouldn't have started this blog, as she convinced me to open up shop here and start writing for all of you, which brings me to the next entry.

Look back up to the top. On the right-hand side of the screen there should be a black-outline box with a bunch of pictures inside of it. The label on the box states "The People I Do This For," and I mean it with every word I write here. With every person that signs up to "join this site," there is a new tacit agreement. You'll keep reading if I keep writing. As long as you keep up your end of the deal, you can bet your sweet, sweet ass I'll do the same.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Finally, these are people who may never read this blog, but that's okay, as it isn't for them anyway. They are my favorite writers, the people who have gone out of their way before me to write the stories I fell in love with, as without them, I probably would have been a dumb jock or something, because I'd have never been a computer nerd, I hate math.

Without their amazing, amazing, amazing worlds that just sucked me in, and turned mine on its head, there would be no parenthetical asides, no novel that I'm writing.

Just for posterity's sake, these authors include (but are not limited to) K.A. Applegate, Mark Z. Danielewski, Norton Juster, and Neil Gaiman. Thank you, to you four, for writing books I have loved for years.

And, just so it's out there: Thank you for the inspiration. I hope that someday, there is something I can do to repay my debt, but I doubt I can.

Next: "The wind and haze I'm bound for better days.It's my life and my dream, Nothing's going to stop me now." David Pomeranz - Nothing's Going to Stop Me Now

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