18 April, 2013

Perfect Strangers

Back in July, almost six months before I started this blog, I was searching the forums for Ze Frank's video blog when I saw a post about starting a country-wide video blog, where we talk to each other via our videos and get to know each other that way. It sounded amazing, as I had been thinking about starting up my own vlog, as they're called, but more on that for Day V.

The idea for the project had stipulations, in that there had to be at least one state between each participant. The guy who started it lives in Pennsylvania, so no one from any of the states directly touching PA (or anyone in PA, for that matter) could sign up to be a part of it. I thought that it was the coolest idea ever, as I have always been about making connections with people and wanting to get to know anybody and everybody I could.

By the time I happened upon the post, there were six people signed up for the project, including the guy who made the original posting. Luckily for me, I signed up in the nick of time. After everybody added each other on Facebook, we were all assigned days. As you might be able to tell by my moniker, I was assigned Saturday (thank the goddess, as Saturday is my favorite day to say). All seven of us had a different day, and the rules were that we could only upload a video (no longer than five minutes) on our day.

(Ed. note: I find it absolutely hilarious that the day that P falls on is the same day as the guy who created the project has to upload his videos.)

In any event, the first video went up on 29 July, and we've had a video up (more or less) every single day since then, despite losing two people and gaining a new one. I have no idea if any of them are going to do anything for the anniversary, but it falls on a Monday this year, so it's out of my hands. And it will be for quite a number of years, assuming we last that long. I certainly hope we do, as we just seem to be starting to find our feet. (Yes, nine months later. Shut up.)

(Next: We all have our windmills.)

In the hopes of getting you, fair reader, interested, I shall now post our first videos. We started our week on Monday, so her video is up first.

Next up is our original Tuesday.

And here I'll also put our new (and current) Tuesday.





And Sunday, our other dropout.

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  1. holy mackrel! what a project! I am totally impressed. Lots of energy here!