29 April, 2013

YOLO ('Carpe Diem,' but for Stupid People)

If you're on the internet at all, and I'm assuming you are (unless you're reading my mind as I write this, or something equally as awesome [enjoy THAT mental image, fucker]), you know of the acronym "YOLO," and you either say it at every available opportunity, or you wish that anyone who's even thought of saying the phrase would die a brutal, fiery death.

Personally, I have always reserved judgment on the phrase, and its users, because I do recognize the wisdom hidden (deep) within it. It's true, you DO only live once, so why not take risks and do things you wouldn't otherwise do? I mean, I've seen it used in some pretty dumb situations, and I've even said it myself a couple times. Mostly after things like going up for fourths at the buffet or at the club.

There was also an occasion in which there was a dodgy website that was streaming Doctor Who, and I just whispered it to myself with as much gravitas as I could muster.

In an effort to try and decipher a point from all this, I don't see the point in hating someone for saying yolo. Yeah, it's a strange word, but imagine how stupid the guy who said 'hemorrhoid' for the first time sounded. Or 'phlebotomist'. And what the fuck does 'gaumless' mean?

Anyway, hating someone based on this kind of phrase seems kind of dumb to me. However, I do find it interesting at the same time. I see it splitting people in half. Not literally, but in the sense of creating two groups: the morons that say it, and the intellectual elitists who hate the first group because of what makes them the first group.

Then there's me. (Sigh.)

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  1. hmmm took me a few seconds to figure out YOLO...hadn't heard it said in acronym style before! It's a minor deal- carpe diem or YOLO- who cares? The deal is "life is a banquet and most folks are starving to death. So LIVE!"
    and have a great time doing it! Cheers!

  2. I didn't even know what YOLO was. I think it's quite strange to think people would hate people for accepting such a philosophy. :(