13 August, 2013

The Countdown Begins (Ish)

I can't really say that it's begun, as there's no definite date yet, but things are in the works here. Improvements, you could say. A total-blog revamp, which means new sights (and new sounds, too!) and a whole buttload of better-quality edutainment. Once the blog is reactivated, the story of Jim and Diego will be completed, and there's going to be so much more to see and experience.

Here's the Twitter announcement:

And for the Facebookians:

And I haven't figured out how to use Tumblr yet, so there's no one to tell on Tumblr, and I suppose this post will be shared on Pinterest, and I'm not entirely certain what to do for Instagram, but I'll figure something out. Either way, things are a-changing!

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