The Cast

Real People

I: Me, obviously.

Dee: Offline, I met this lovely lady when we were both in the eighth grade. I was thirteen, folks. Thirteen! We've had our ups and our downs, but we have always come out on top. Also offline, she has the female version of my name, so giving her the pseudonym of Dee seemed quite fitting.

The Photographer: This woman has been my close friend and confidant since 2001. She and I have drifted apart several times, but we always seem to pick up right where we left off. She's me in female format. She absolutely adores photography, so this pseudonym seems to be quite fitting.

Sol: I've known this guy since...2007, I believe. Claims to have met me on my 21st birthday, but I don't remember it. In any event, some say he always has a faint odor of "just after a summer rain" about him, and that he invented trees. All I know is that he's my best friend.

PoMS: This is an acronym that you'll see quite a lot of. It doesn't refer to anyone in particular. I said in one of my earlier posts that I'm looking for Mrs. Saturday, so until she (whomever I happen to be dating at the time) has the chops to stick around long enough to earn her own pseudonym, this is what we'll be calling her.


Tristan Halpenny: The main character of the novel I'm writing. His adventures and exploits will sometimes crop up and I tend to converse with him from time to time. Mostly when no one else is around, as I already give off the 'crazy weirdo' vibe, so I don't need to add to it.

Jennifer Reigh: Tristan's wife. Type-A personality. She dreams of being a superstar someday, and typically reaches any goal she sets for herself. She only talks to me occasionally, preferring Tristan's company to my own. We just have vastly different personalities.

The Tall Man: The Joker to Tristan's Batman. Or maybe the Gandalf to Tristan's Bilbo. Combine the two, arch-nemesis and initiator of the adventure, and the result will be The Tall Man.

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